Radical Health (RHC) Videos

These are MindBody exercises I've found to be VERY powerful in getting you connected for healing.

They are all great to use any time you want to quickly realign your system when you're feeling pain, anxiety, depression or low energy.

They're also excellent to use before a private session with me, since we'll be using them in the session and it will enhance your progress.

Magnetic Centering Exercise

This is an excellent way to get your power back form past, future, others, and self-identify, where your energy can be dissipated. Use it before initiating any healing work so that all of your power is used to create what you are intending.

Energy Clearing Exercise

You will use the power of your intention in a targeted way to dislodge old energies, beliefs and blockages that have been holding you back from living in abundant health, peace, and fulfillment.

Breathing Exercise

Just breathing alone can clear your energy when you use it with purpose and intention. Use this to harness your personal power and focus it toward what you want to experience in your body.

Above and Below Expansion Exercise

This brings in healing light from above to clear your energy centers and body, then anchors you below to unconditional love and acceptance energy. Then, we expand the energy beyond your body to everything around you.

EFT Meridian Tapping

Tapping on your acupressure meridians while speaking the truth in your body gives new information to your brain to reformat traumatic memories, change your beliefs, and open the pathway to wellbeing.